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Hi, I'm Salvador! Argentina

Computer Engineering & Data Science.

Currently working as IT Support & Web Developer. Graduated as Electronics Technician.


Personal Chatbot - Chat with Me

A personalized chatbot to answer questions about my job. Developed using the Co:Here sorting API

City Bell Verde - Cabin Rental

Built from scratch using only HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Featuring optimized SEO and excellent performance.


  1. IT Support - Facultad de IngenierĂ­a, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

    Providing technical support to the entire administrative and teaching staff of the faculty involves implementing, maintaining, and configuring telephone and internet networks with over 2000 devices. Alongside this, I handle the repair of computers and electronic devices. Addressing each unique problem demands improvisation and on-the-fly learning, all while maintaining a professional approach.

  2. Private Tutor

    Offering private lessons to students across various academic levels, I specialize in mathematics, English, and computer science. This experience has significantly enhanced not only my communication and teaching skills but also my understanding of diverse learning needs.

  3. Web Development - Freelance

    Engaged in freelance web development, I am responsible for designing and developing web applications. Examples of my work can be explored on my GitHub or in the projects section, showcasing a range of projects and technical capabilities.

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